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An anime Shōnen would not be the same without at least a story related to falling in love, and Jujitsu Kaiser is no exception. However, since it is a movie, there is only so much time that you can dedicate to this effort, and as a result, the spin of the plot is hanging at the end of the film. It is possible that he has noticed this fact and, as a result, he has been wondering: Is Make in love with Yuma in Jujitsu Kaiser 0? Or the feelings passed after the events of the film? Is Make in love with Yuma in Jujitsu Kaiser 0? Answered Why panda asks Yuma about the preferred size of the breasts? Does Make and Yuma ever come together in Jujitsu Kaiser? Fortunately for you, we have an answer for you. Is Make in love with Yuma in Jujitsu Kaiser 0? Answered The short answer is that yes, Make feels something for Yuma in Jujitsu Kaiser 0. This is mainly due to Yuma treating her as a real person, unlike her family, who treats her as an impotent error. Where they scold her and discard her be

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